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45 Minute Career Strategy Session with Anne: Sedona Spotlight Listeners

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ARE YOU AT A CROSSROADS IN YOUR CAREER? Are you ‘sick and tired’ of being in a despised and dead end job? Are you experiencing frustration with your boss or co-workers? Are you looking for clarity about your next steps to solve a work related issue, advance, get a promotion or make more money? Or would you just like to explore your options and consider something new and different? Here’s what you’ll get in your Career Strategy Coaching Session: As an Expert Career Strategist I’ll serve as your thinking partner to help you explore your options and strategies to find a solution to your current career concerns or problems and help you figure out your next best career move. Here’s why you can be confident about working with me: As a retired Health Care Clinician and Executive as well as a business CEO with over 35 years of experience in the shark infested waters of the healthcare and business environments- I know how to get things done and I’ll help you do it too! So, don’t procrastinate and miss out on this special opportunity to get started right now so you can enjoy great career satisfaction, confidence and begin to get the bigger and better career results that you really, really want! Click the button below and sign up for your 45 minute 1:1 Career Strategy Coaching Session with me. This once in a lifetime special offer is only for listeners of the Sedona Sunrise Podcast!

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