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Hi, I'm Anne Heisinger RN, MSN-ED


Are you exhausted from career boredom, frustration, dissatisfaction, lack of advancement or just sick and tired of a soul-sucking J.O.B?

I'm an Expert Career Growth and Transformation Coach. My mission is to mentor and coach accomplished professional career women who are stuck or stalled to move beyond career stagnation, challenges or set-backs so you can speak into your power, achieve your goals and get the career results you want and deserve.

Is your career in healthcare or business stagnant and NOT moving in the right direction and you don't know what to do about it?

IF THIS IS YOU- You're definitely in the right place!

Even if you think you are just 'ok' with where you are now in your career, there is always a next step to gain the skill sets, respect and recognition you deserve to catapult your career forward for your best success in 2024 and beyond!

Anne as Guide, Mentor and Career Coach

Catapult Your Career to Soaring!

  • Are your current career outcomes a match for the value of what you have to offer?
  • Do you watch other people move past you and advance?
  • Did you end up reporting to someone you trained?
  • Do you let other people take the credit for your work?
  • Is your lack of confidence and self-esteem preventing you from taking credit for the work you do and the value you give?
  • Do you break out in a cold sweat or turn tomato red when asked to give a group presentation?
  • Are you intimidated and challenged standing toe to toe with your male career colleagues?
  • Are you comfortable taking your place at the leadership table in your industry?

Results such as these can change! However, in order for things to change, YOU have to change!!! Are you ready and willing to put in the work to get the career results you want?

Do any of these common career situations resonate with you?

  • Are you overlooked for a promotion you deserve?
  • Are you afraid to ask your boss for a raise or discuss how you can improve your working relationship?
  • Are you NOT getting the respect and recognition you deserve from your boss, co-workers and colleagues?
  • Is the organization not seeing the value that you have to offer?
  • Have you ended up having to report to someone YOU trained?
  • Do you ever use phrases that diminish you? (I'm just a staff nurse. I'm only an accountant.)

When you work with me as your career coach we will: 

  • Examine and evaluate the career path you are on right now, where you'd like to be and  what's holding you back.
  • Explore your career dreams, goals, current skill sets and personal values to see how these align with the current stage of your career or if something needs to change.
  • Apply proven strategies by taking the actions steps needed to release limiting beliefs and build your confidence so you can speak with power as a professional career woman in your industry.
  • Develop critical self-leadership and influence skills so you can make the right decisions, effectively respond to career obstacles and consistently take intentional action that will propel your career forward.
  • Develop and utilize your ability to connect with people for more effective communication and meaningful communication.
  • Prevent the common career mistakes and self-sabotage that can undermine career women and keep you from getting what you want in your career.

As your intuitive and experienced THINKING PARTNER, I help you anticipate and see around unexpected corners, anticipate challenges and help you hold yourself accountable so you can find the best solutions to catapult your career!

The first step in changing what isn't working in your career is for you is to invest some time and schedule a 45 minute 1:1 Career Breakthrough Session with me for only $59 (a $259 value.)

It will also us determine if we are a good match to work together if you decide to do so.


Your Success is My Most Important  Mission!


  • Bachelor of Science (BSN) Nursing CSUF
  • Master of Science (MSN-ED) Nursing Ed.

California Licensure

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Public Health Nurse (PHN)

Career National Certifications

  • Accredited RN Case Manager (ACM-RN)
  • Certified RN Rehabilitation (CRRN)
  • Certified Critical Care Nurse (CCRN)
  • ELNEC (End of Life Consortium Trainer)

California Nursing Faculty Lecturer  Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

  • California State University, Fresno, CA
  • California State University, Long Beach, CA
  • Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA
  • Biola University, La Mirada, CA
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Over 30 years experience as a Registered Nurse and Leader in (RN) in Cardiac, Pediatric and Neuro ICU, ED Trauma, Rehabilitation, Oncology, Medical-Surgical, Nurse Educator, Nurse Case Management and Executive Leadership.

Architect of the first Hospital Wide Nurse Case Management program in Los Angeles at California Hospital Medical Center (CMCLA) in Los Angeles 1985.

Content Expert

  • Nursing Case Management
  • Neuro Rehabilitation. 

Former Nursing Department Faculty

  • Undergraduate & Graduate Nursing Programs
  • California Universities CSU, Fresno & Long Beach
  • Biola University
  • Azuza Pacific University

Retired Vice President of Patient Care Services for a pediatric rehabilitation sub-acute and acute hospital in Loma Linda, California. 

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Anne is a co-author of the 2023 Amazon Best Selling WPN (Women's Prosperity Network)                     Experts Compilation Book.


Anne was certified and mentored as a Speaker, Trainer, and Coach by Dr. John C. Maxwell and is an Independent Executive Director with Maxwell Leadership since 2015.

Anne Onstage w Les Brown 2018

Sharing the stage with Les Brown at his 2018           "Live Your Dream event in Anaheim, CA.

Helping  Professionals Achieve the Career Goals and Results they want for Optimum Success!

My Greatest Mission
is Your Success!!


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